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5 Ways Job Searching Will Change Because of COVID-19

Nearly one year after COVID-19 first appeared in China, its impact has been global and figures to be felt long after the virus has released its hold on everyday society in America. It has changed every facet of how we manage our day-to-day and has been especially impactful on the job market.

This impact has been felt not only in the amount of jobs lost, nearly 22 million at its peak during the summer, but in the way we have returned to work. In fact, the very act of searching for a job has changed – perhaps permanently.

As our society returns to work, we are finding our new opportunities a bit differently. Here are five ways you can expect the job searching process to change after COVID-19

You Can Add a New Skill to Your Resume

Prior to COVID-19, there were generally two schools of thought when it came to remote work opportunities – as well as remote work candidates. They were absolute, with remote work still the minority of jobs available, with those jobs seeking candidates with extensive work-from-home experience.

In 2020, however, we have all become remote workers, and as a result have added a new skill to our resumes. No longer is the remote workforce limited to virtual technology environments or traveling sales roles, and as a result, you have probably learned a thing or two about how to work remotely.

This should be a skill that shows up on your resume, giving you the skills to search for great job opportunity outside of your immediate geography. Do not overlook this as a factor on your resume, as employers will increasingly be looking for candidates who confidently boast the ability to work effectively and efficiently from a home office.

Virtual Networking Will Lead to Opportunities

While we are all shaking fewer hands and seeing less of each other in person, the importance of networking has not changed. The nature of it, however, has.

The tendency for many is to feel the limitations of being able to connect with people while adjusting to a world that is increasingly location-flexible, but the importance of being able to network is still just as paramount. Your ability to connect virtually, either through virtual hiring events, engaging on LinkedIn, taking part in worthwhile discussions about your industry, or grow your network remotely will decide whether or not you take advantage of the possibility of giving yourself a huge advantage in the new job market – the ability to build a virtual network.

Your network is your net worth, as some say, and the ability to expand your network has not lessened. It has only changed. If you can make this adjustment and embrace ways to connect with people in a remote environment, you will find opportunities aplenty. This is where working with an experienced and reputable staffing firm, like Rezult Group, will be so valuable in your search.

Increased Competition

One natural result of the job market becoming more remote is that it also becomes broader. Candidates will look for jobs they could not otherwise commute to, and companies will be open to candidates in remote markets.

As you cast a wider net as a job seeker, you find more opportunities. The same is true for companies seeking remote workers. As you enter the world of remote work, you will encounter an increase in competition from candidates you would not otherwise compete against, as the “net” being cast by employers includes a broader reach.

How do you overcome this?

Ways that will immediately help you overcome the increase in competition for jobs include increasing emphasis on what sets you apart. Have a special certification? Been a part of a large project that impacted real change in your organization? Know it like the back of your hand and be ready to talk about it. You need to find a way to shine a light on what truly makes you different.

Have an Advocate

Perhaps the best way to increase your odds in the job market is to connect with a great staffing company that can serve as your advocate. Companies, like Rezult Group, specialize in relationships and offer competitive advantages that you cannot replace in the job market.

Think about it – HR Managers are sitting at their desks looking at piles of resumes in their inbox for each role they have open. Are you going to float to the top of the list based on crossing your fingers and hoping she happens to see your resume and love it, or would you rather have someone who is connected calling hiring managers on your behalf?

Get yourself an experienced advocate, like Rezult Group, who can help increase your odds of getting in front of the right people.

Your LinkedIn Profile will Become Your Resume

Yes, that is right. Your LinkedIn profile will always become your resume – and it will be on display for all to see.

If you are in the market for a job, know that almost everyone you apply with is going to look for a LinkedIn profile. If they do not find one for you, they almost certainly will for other applications. If this is the case, trust in your viability as a candidate will wane.

With that said, make sure your LinkedIn profile looks professional, and sells your top skills. Make sure the information for jobs you have worked in the past is filled out fully, and well-written. Include any certifications and reference any additional languages or skills you may have.

If you are a job seeker, you must always be on alert regarding your online presence. Put your best foot forward while you are looking for a new opportunity by making sure that you always have the best digital representation of yourself available.

How We Can Help

If you are looking for a new position, we can help! Rezult Group has been staffing for technology, accounting & finance, and healthcareIT professionals across the U.S. for nearly twenty years – and demand is beginning to soar again. Reach out to us today to connect with one of our experienced recruiters and take the first step toward finding your own competitive advantage in the new job market!




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